22 Feb 2024 11:11:32 PM

Late availability cottages with swimming pools & tennis courts

If you want to take a holiday cottage break with your partner, friends or family and are looking for a little bit of luxury, we can show you exactly what you need. We have a range of grand holiday cottages with swimming pools and holiday cottages with tennis courts available to rent at very competitive prices. Large group breaks bring the prices down even more. And the experience is truly second to none – enjoy a traditional cooked breakfast using the property’s extensive self-catering facilities, follow it with an action-packed game of doubles then unwind in the swimming pool with a margarita in hand. If you’re with a family it’ll all be go, go, go, with such a huge range of activities possible with a luxury swimming pool and tennis court on site. And the cottages themselves are some of the grandest and most awe- inspiring around with beautiful architecture, sprawling grounds and spacious rooms. Families will particularly love the large bathrooms and spacious, open- plan kitchens.

Holiday cottages with swimming pools and tennis courts are a fantastic way to get the foreign holiday experience at a fraction of the price of going abroad. And because the pool and court are private, you don’t have to share with noisy, brash tourists who take up all the room. Both are there solely for your private use, allowing you to truly relax in the confines of a tranquil complex dedicated to your needs. Perfect for Spring short breaks too, holiday cottages with private pools and tennis courts really do define the pinnacle of the cottage experience. And if you’re in a large group, even better – you get luxury facilities at a fraction of the cost. Why not cook up a sizzling barbecue after a day spent swimming and sunbathing? The choice is entirely up to you. Late-availability-cottages.com connects you directly to cottage owners so you pay no middleman fees – get a slice of foreign luxury in the UK with one of these grand holiday cottages and start looking forward to your trip, complete with everything you need to unwind to the max.