23 Feb 2024 12:37:43 AM

About us

Late-Availability-Cottages.com showcases holiday properties that have vacant weeks due to last minute cancellations or weeks that have been unfilled for a variety of reasons. The property owners are keen to fill the properties and are offering a unique price - which is cheaper than advertised anywhere else - available only when enquiring and booking through this site. Unlike hotels and guest houses that often, because of their location, have an ample supply of either passing trade or waiting lists available to fill vacant rooms, smaller , privately-owned self-catering property owners will often find themselves with an unexpected, or for that matter, unwanted gap in their rental diaries.

Hotels will inevitably nearly always preserve their standard 'rack' rate - the price paid by the customer if they walked into the hotel off the street and asked for a room - accommodation charge, irrespective of whether they have cancellations or late availability available.

For this reason, owners of self-catering accommodation on this site are willing to offer guests late available or last minute accommodation at a reduced rate, rather than allow the property to sit vacant.

Property owners will receive email reminders at 28, 21, 14 and 7 days (before the date of the week on offer) reminding you that if the week has been sold you should have updated your availability on the site. The email will also remind you that you can reduce the price in order to catch a bargain hunter to secure a booking.

Late-availability-cottages.com is run by owners of holiday cottages who have a vast experience of internet marketing - between us we have over 12 years experience in the online holiday cottage rental industry, as well as other tourism sectors on the internet. Over the years we have helped hundreds of owner managers acquire bookings for their rental properties, and have fulfilled the needs of so many holiday makers. Our customers return to us time and time again.

Late-availability-cottages.com does not attract an annual booking fee! Simply advertise any late availability weeks - this may be due to last minute cancellations, or an out of season week - that might attract a booking with a reduced rate. The cost to advertise a week is 2% (+VAT) of the weekly rental rate that you publish.

There are many places to advertise self catering holidays - and we are focusing on last minute and late availability weeks, and we welcome owners who advertise anywhere else - the value of a last minute booking cannot be underestimated! And in this market - there are many people searching for a bargain price, so we hope that Late-availability-cottages.com will create a market place to fulfill the needs of both sides.

We are constantly looking at market trends and implementing schemes to further our reach, Late-availability-cottages.com fulfills a very important role of offering owners a platform to showcase an unfilled week at a reduced rental rate - and allow bargain hunters and last minute clients the ability to search by map, by price, by facility and to contact by email, by telephone or by text.