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26 Jul 2017 09:29:33 PM

Late availability UK golf breaks & holidays

Keen golfers will love the flexibility and constant enjoyment offered by our golfing holidays. From the famous fairways of St Andrews and Argyll to more remote regions in the heart of the English countryside our holiday cottages are conveniently located near some of the most playable and tranquil golf courses in the UK. If teeing up is your passion one of our golfing breaks gives you the time to really enjoy hitting the fairway. After all, one of the main problems facing golfers playing in the evenings and the weekend is time – and the feeling of being rushed. How can you really enjoy the game when you know you have to get home at a certain time? Golfing holidays give you the chance to relax and play the game at your own pace.

Our golfing breaks combine enviable proximity to fantastic courses with classic, timeless properties that provide an incredibly high standard of comfort and living. Pristine bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens and spacious bedrooms allow you to relax constantly and because all kitchens come fully equipped you get maximum flexibility when it comes to dining. Grab a bite to eat in the clubhouse, dine in one of the local, restaurants or cook yourself a hearty meal to fuel yourself for 18 holes the next morning. The choice is entirely up to you. Whether you’re heading to the fairways alone or with a group, our golfing holidays really are perfect. With some large holiday cottages sleeping up to 15 people you can enjoy a golfing holiday with as many friends as you want, at a fraction of the price of checking into a hotel. And in the evening, after 36 holes, you can all come back to the property for a succulent barbecue and ice-cold beers. Check out our breaks today and bag a bargain – we charge you no middleman fees so you’re guaranteed a great deal. Then it’s just up to you to practice your swing!